Schön Geht Anders

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29 tracks of sheer joie de vivre form this manifesto of musical positivism. Reductionist on their acoustic surface, constructivist in their compositional core, the tracks themselves and in their sequence point to a sociological base: a sociology of sound or a sound sociology driven by the rough necessities of political acoustics. Advanced 4-track tape recording techniques struggle with primitive digital technology, thus forming a class of sound which contains itself as an element and attribute. The sublation of music reveals the revolutionary nature of movement in which its end becomes the condition of its beginning. Yes, beauty may really work differently - but it is necessity that elevates the sound to a static sculpture of dynamics.

Kallabris: Schön Geht Anders

Die Kategorientafeln (Rein Vom Verstande Abgezogen) Kallabris 18''
Der Diskrete Charme Der Boulangerie Kallabris 28''
Red Herrings In The Wild Goose Chase Kallabris 38''
Filzstuhl, 10fach Vergrößert Kallabris 10''
Catgut Kallabris 1'30''
Score For A Horror Movie Featuring The Little Rubber Animals You Got For Visiting The Dentist Kallabris 59''
March Of The Vulgar Boatmen Kallabris 1'37''
Song Of Their Wives (Whilst At Home, Preparing For Something Or Other) Kallabris 13''
Chant “Rah” And Boot Kallabris 3'49''
Lame Excuses Kallabris 59''
Partie A, Lecon 8 Kallabris 3'40''
Flöz Mausegatt Kallabris 5'50''
Slow Punch Kallabris 12''
Zärtliche Vettern Kallabris 3'12''
Brunsbecke, Lehrkind Kallabris 46''
Die Rauschende Strenge Des Abendgebets Kallabris 1'15''
Too Many Cuts (The Pugilist) Kallabris 38''
Bunny Check Kallabris 7''
Studien Zum Verdauungstrakt Kallabris 45''
Johannes Erbstollen Kallabris 17''
Gonzo Vs. The Eye-talian Kallabris 1'01''
Entenhausen – Non Stop Kallabris 33''
Was Machst Du Denn Da Jetzt ? Kallabris 3'59''
Let’s Prey Upon The Weak Kallabris 4'55''
Blood Meridian : Judge Holden Kallabris 3'36''
C’est Un Nouveau Systeme (Mais Il Marche Toujours) Kallabris 2'02''
The Seven Concrete Forms Of Personal Idealism Kallabris 2'14''
Maggots Kallabris 2'07''
White Logic Kallabris 2'21''

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