Kane Ikin

Modern Pressure

Type Vinyl TYPE129V
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You might not have come across Melbourne’s Kane Ikin before, but he’s far from a newcomer. A member of experimental duo Solo Andata, Ikin also released material on Taylor Deupree’s influential 12k imprint, working with a variety of different sounds and elements over the last decade.

Modern Pressure is a milestone for Ikin, written at a trying time that was the producer’s hardest financially but most creative musically. Selling equipment to pay the rent, Ikin wrote track after track in quick succession to hone his skills, using the process as both a form of escapism and reflection.

The resulting album is a mirror of this struggle, a collision of stomach-churning bass and searing percussion that overwhelms your senses, staying with you long after the music has subsided. Ikin manages to harness a variety of influences, folding the sound of early 80s industrial tapes and no wave with the relentless pulse of house and techno, the intense low-end of hardcore and the eerie mood of John Carpenter’s most menacing soundtracks.

It’s an album with a defined narrative that looks to the past without ever losing sight of the future. Dark, shimmering and textured, Modern Pressure is an album for our era - damaged, but not without hope.

Kane Ikin: Modern Pressure

Partial Kane Ikin 6'12''
Haze Shimmer Kane Ikin 5'21''
Crosstalk Kane Ikin 6'36''
Tap Tap Collapse Kane Ikin 4'04''
Smoke Hood Kane Ikin 7'11''
Auto Dialler Kane Ikin 4'44''
Pulp Kane Ikin 5'11''
Closer Closer Kane Ikin 7'55''

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