• EP: Includes download, Hot foiled sleeve with wraparound high gloss UV decal, ltd. numbered 300 copies
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Utilising such diverse elements as sound collage, folk balladry, documentary and noise, coupled with a fierce political intelligence, KEMPER NORTON uses the 4-song structure of his LOWERMOOR EP to investigate the scandal of the Camelford water poisoning of 1988, which occurred on the eve of water privatisation in the UK by the Thatcher government. Themes of isolation, loss and centrality of water and the sea to the British psychology surge through the work. From the uncanny montage of voices and sound in 'SWW Circular' to the mournful 'SWW Anthem', LOWERMOOR is strangely affecting music, both beautiful and haunting.

Kemper Norton: Lowermoor EP

SWW Circular Kemper Norton
AL 2 Kemper Norton
SO 4 Kemper Norton
SWW Anthem Kemper Norton

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