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Since 18 years now electronic duo Klangwart occupy self-confidently their very own niche between Avantgarde and Pop. Markus Detmer and Timo Reuber, the two 'elder statesmen' of neo-Krautrock, are since regarded as the most authentic heirs to the psychedelic sound gurus of the '70s. Titled 'Transit' their new album after 'Sommer' (2010) is a real masterpiece: Nine tracks of otherworldly beauty - energetic, organic, unpredictable. Thousands of sound snippets are assembled to a kind of vegetative music. Pulsing beats interact with weightless floating sounds. Everything is in a constant flow - sometimes in slow motion, other times at a tearing pace. 'Transit' stays at any time highly concentrated and dense. The longest track clocks in at only five minutes - unusual for Klangwart. The production by sound guru Joseph Suchy appears almost three-dimensional whereupon space is an equal element of composition. That's cosmic music for the 21st century.

Klangwart: Transit

Ante Klangwart
Passage I Klangwart
Express Klangwart
Station Klangwart
Transit Klangwart
Plateau Klangwart
Passage II Klangwart
Exile Klangwart
Rendezvous Klangwart

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