Cooties (OST)

Death Waltz DW53 LP
  • LP : 180gr, Black Vinyl
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Death Waltz Recording Company takes you back to the schoolyard for a dose of fun with Kreng's score to COOTIES. A group of elementary teachers – including Elijah Wood, Alison Pill, and Rainn Wilson – up against an army of feral kids infected with a mystery virus, bringing new meaning to the term “playground violence." Produced by Wood's company Spectrevision, COOTIES is already shaping up to be a modern cult classic, not least through its infectious music.

Composed by the avant-garde project Kreng (aka Belgian musician Pepjin Caudron) the score for COOTIES reflects a number of influences, from Bernard Herrmann's work for strings to spaghetti westerns through a trip hop filter set to “extreme foreboding”. Kreng's approach will surprise and intrigue, compared to many scores of its ilk. While it's synth-heavy, there are key roles for haunting vocal effects and violins, mixing both aesthetically beautiful and madcap cues to create waves of emotionally and viscerally powerful tunes. COOTIES stands proud alongside – and in some cases above - the crop of contemporary horror scores. Relax, put the needle on the wax, and let this record infect your ears. You'll be voracious for more.

Kreng: Cooties (OST)

Opening Titles Kreng
You Are So Fuckin' Ugly Kreng
Rick's Tape Kreng
Dink Spreads The Virus Kreng
Mr Simms Attacked Kreng
Oh Look, Carnage! Kreng
Wade Leads The Way Kreng
The Playground Kreng
Racer & Emily Kreng
Dink's Death Kreng
We're All Gonna Die, Aren't We Kreng
Trike Girl Kreng
The Candy Machine Kreng
The Kiss Kreng
Suiting Up Kreng
The Battle Kreng
Patriot's Attack Kreng
Danville Kreng
Wandering In The Dark Kreng
Carnival Kreng
Finale Kreng
End Credits Kreng

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