Kyle Bobby Dunn

Fragments and Compositions Of

Low-Point LP056
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Fragments and Compositions Of was Canadian composer Kyle Bobby Dunn’s first foray into miniature works for strings, piano and analog processing. Composed during periods when the young Dunn was found sneaking into music buildings at various music academies and universities in Canada and the U.S. During this time Dunn was known to recruit friends and colleagues into impromptu recording sessions, capturing layers and verses in places as mundane as his bedroom and bathroom.
The piano renditions were recorded at Banff Springs Hotel ballroom and Banff Centre for the Arts, with engineering assistance by Adam Zendel and Josh Barsky. The final piano suite was originally composed on a piano in a Calgary, Alberta basement party around 1998/1999 when the composer was a mere 13 or 14 years of age.
The album was originally released on compact disc in spring 2008 by the respected avant-garde U.S. label, Sedimental but was not properly mastered until now by Low Point's Gareth Hardwick who has given it special treatment for this vinyl reissue.
Whilst Dunn has moved in a different direction in the subsequent years, the emotional weight, looping intensity and depth is still held in these small suites and remains powerfully romantic, gripping and impressive debut full length release from a young composer.

Kyle Bobby Dunn: Fragments and Compositions Of

Miranda Rights Kyle Bobby Dunn 13'24''
Sedentary I Kyle Bobby Dunn 5'12''
Tout Voyeurs Kyle Bobby Dunn 5'08''
Furthest From It Kyle Bobby Dunn 11'38''
An Extension Kyle Bobby Dunn 7'47''
Sedentary II Kyle Bobby Dunn 3'20''

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