Melodic MELO045CD
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A giant sideways leap from the critically acclaimed Hypnogogia (2002) and Touchpool (2004), Dip finds Moffat eschewing the drum loops and effects that characterised his previous recordings in favour of a more organic, live sound, with a specially assembled group of Alan Barr (cello), Stevie Jones (double bass) and Allan Wylie (trumpet) complementing Moffat on drums, keyboards, percussion and harmonium. The result is an album that takes us on a journey through the full range of human emotions, from Ache’s morose, mournful strings to the frantic, jesterly Hike. Ending as it begins, with the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, there’s a sense of oneness to the album, as if it could play forever as a song cycle. This, says Moffat, is because Dip was conceived as a whole album, rather than a collection of odds and ends.
‘…Moffat hasn’t just suceeded in composing cinematic music. He’s actually captured picture-less cinema.’ XLR8R
‘Someone give this man some proper film soundtrack work, please.’ The Observer

L.Pierre: Dip

Gullsong L.Pierre 6'33''
Weir's Way L.Pierre 11'39''
Gust L.Pierre 3'15''
Ache L.Pierre 4'47''
Hike L.Pierre 3'45''
Drift L.Pierre 7'44''

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