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Antonio de Spirt and Levente Pavelka get to know each other and their respective musical preferences in 2010 in Hamburg during their studies of media technology. Soon they realize the possibility of having exactly this band both of them always wanted to have: electronic, experimental, cool, straigt forward. No matter if it will be pop music or kind of scabby in the end. Even if both of them did not know how to play any instruments. They would not need to, as it turned out.

Most of all they were discovering each other as being calming fixed points while being surrounded by the nerdiness of their studies. As a possibility to let loose instead of going mad. To rather trust in coincidence once in a while. To provoke going astray or doing things wrong on purpose. Shrewd tinkering vs. a shoot from the hip. Music rarely comes from its own genre history. Neo-Dubstep, Post-Postrock-House - whatever La Boum Fatale may sound like, their actual magic sources by far more from the massive beauty of the Deftones' brutely distorted guitars in their "White Pony" era, the slightly overdosed kitsch of M83 or the brittle intimacy of Arthur Russel. This way they contribute their part to an ageless draft of zeitgeisty music, pass on, encourage and keep the ball rolling. In their own personal, inviting way.

La Boum Fatale: Damwild

A A A La Boum Fatale 6'06''
Passmiss La Boum Fatale 5'45''
Snalle La Boum Fatale 5'20''
Rumple La Boum Fatale 6'03''
Let Us Not Be Terrible People La Boum Fatale 6'21''

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