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Since the release of La Boum Fatale's debut EP "Damwild" a lot of time passed. The musical alter ego of the at that time Hamburg based musician and producer Antonio de Spirt started out of nowhere with surprising ease and the secret hit "AAA" as well as a couple of remarkable electronica listening beauties. Rather than following the usual releasing routine, de Spirt - having moved to Berlin in the meantime - allows himself the luxury of the experiment. With an open outcome he works on driving live gigs in different set-ups, tries out music on the edge of graphic design, collaborates with producers like Glenn Astro or Sieren and pulls out unconventional remixes for Me And My Drummer, Hundreds or Sizarr.

In the meantime de Spirt is on the road a lot between his hometown Berlin and Hamburg. He spends the drives to think about new music and to work on new material finally. It may be the desolation of the dumps alongside the route, the once blooming landscapes, the left chances: de Spirt finds himself set back in the 90s and seeks to find reminiscences to this weird time for the music of La Boum Fatale. Everything is possible, beginning and adventure. At this breakpoint he tames cluttered sketches, livens up bony jungle, lets East and West dance together. It's surely no coincidence the driving and widely open "Handpagode" was finished first and clears the path for all coming ideas.

La Boum Fatale has always been testimony of cooperations, of creative exchange and friction. Most parts of the album are joint works with artists, whose output de Spirt appreciates a lot. He offers the music as a field for experimentation and is calm enough to basically impose no conditions. Tracks like the heated "No Tongue In Cheek", sung by Danish artist Asbjørn; or the wild "Ghosts" together with Pantasz; the floating "Lovers Dough" (with Fee Kürten/Tellavision); "He Just Might" (with Brookln Dekker/Rue Royale) or the overflowing "When We Fall/Razor Wires" with vocals by Petula: They all prove the open approach to be right.

Lyrically and musically "Walls" summarizes one of the central points of La Boum Fatale as well as "Holygram": The track - for which Andreas Bonkowski (Corwood Manual, Siva., I Might Be Wrong) did the vocals - is an invitation to shaking off the dread of change, letting yourself get dragged away from the usual run and enjoy watching doubts and constraints disappear.

La Boum Fatale: Holygram

Nille La Boum Fatale
Johnny Blitz La Boum Fatale
No Tongue In Cheek (feat. Asbjarrn) La Boum Fatale
Lovers Dough (feat. Tellavision) La Boum Fatale
Ghosts (feat. Pantasz) La Boum Fatale
Handpagode La Boum Fatale
He Just Might (feat. Rue Royale) La Boum Fatale
When We Fall Razor Wires (feat. Petula) La Boum Fatale
Wittenberge La Boum Fatale
Walls (feat. Corwood Manual) La Boum Fatale

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