Lake People

Phase Transition

Mule Musiq Mule Musiq 214
  • 2LP: Includes download
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framed by two spoken word samples and wrapped in house and techno emotions, that know about electro and 90’s electronica too: the new, second album of the leipzig and berlin based producer and live artist martin enke aka lake people moves in a fresh way.
this time he shifts towards a focus on the essentials of electronic club music: sounds and groove, rough and playful interweaved with the aesthetic particles of techno. with his “point ep”, released on the berlin based imprint krakatau records in late 2012, his creative life as a producer for melancholic driven club tunes took off.

Lake People: Phase Transition

Frame Of Reference Lake People
Subsurface Lake People
Fabula Lake People
Mutual Isolated Lake People
Catharctic Lake People
Syuzhet Lake People
Spark Eroded Lake People
Delusive Lake People
Charlie Carlisle Lake People
Tomorrow's Happiness Lake People

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