Led Er Est

Dust On Common

Mannequin Records MNQ099
  • LP: RSD 2017, limited to 500 copies
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Mannequin Records announce the reissue of one of the best minimal synth / cold wave albums of the past 15 years. ‘Dust On Common’ from Led Er Est (Sam De La osa, Shawn O’Sullivan and Owen Hutchinson) was originally released in 2009 by the seminal Brooklyn based record label Wierd Records.

The band's first full-length release showed the three piece clearly breaking out of the minimal synth underground they have been a vitally integral part of since its inception in Brooklyn to create an undeniably contemporary set of highly crafted and restrained, icily psychedelic pop songs.

Synthesizing countless disparate musical influences from first wave British industrial music to house, disco, and the largely unknown cold wave (aka 'La Vague Froide') tradition in Northern Europe, the trax on Dust fly by, straight out of the frozen hot, lonely cold plains of vocalist Samuel Kklovenhoof's native central Texas. After digesting a few songs of this rich dust, the listener can do no other than lie down in the wild wierd Laredo bunker to revel in the refreshingly brisk blast of hedonistic analogue pleasure dancing through the airwaves in the sky above...

Led Er Est: Dust On Common

Bikini Fun Led Er Est
Port Isabel Led Er Est
Laredo Led Er Est
Destination Sanity Led Er Est
The Unkept Area Led Er Est
Something For The Children Led Er Est
I Wait For You Led Er Est
Scissors Led Er Est
CC Exit Led Er Est

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