Lee Gamble

Chain Kinematics

  • 12”: Ltd. to 500 copies, very few initial copies on clear Vinyl
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Lee Gamble strikes from the void with Chain Kinematics; the 1st release on his UIQ Inversions series - exclusively reserved for personal productions, and intended to run parallel and perpendicular to UIQ proper, which has heavily impressed with early 12”s by N1L and ZULI since emerging in 2015.

This is Lee Gamble upping the dynamics and heading into new realms at the intersection of jungle tekno ballistics and ambient dimensions, providing UIQ with its most forward, heady, and hard- to-classify material, and possibly best representing the delirium and oneiric appeal of Gamble’s incredible DJ sets.

Dovetailing the artist’s interests in astrophysics, geometry and the dancefloor’s mechanical systems, Chain Kinematics presents four powerful studies for bodies in motion and students of the future; bending time, light and space between 004’s mutated percussive dimensions and the thizzing warehouse wormholes of For Infernomatics, the suspended proprioceptions of Kinematics’s emulation of a night flight thru Gamble’s glittering grey matter, through to the helter skelter torque of Cnull, ending proceedings with what sounds like a bombed-out building site and a helicopter flying past...

Hear for yourself; they’re undoubtedly some of Lee Gamble’s strongest, layered and developed dancefloor productions, awaiting your immersion and collision with compatible trajectories and objects from all quarters of the ‘floor and beyond.

Lee Gamble: Chain Kinematics

004 Lee Gamble
For Infernomatics Lee Gamble
Kinematics Lee Gamble
Cnull Lee Gamble

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