Lee Hazlewood

The LHI Years

Light In The Attic LITA 084 LP
  • 2LP : Heavy Tip-On Gatefold Cover, incl. Insert
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BACK IN PRINT ON VINYL!!! With his handlebar moustache and booming baritone, LEE HAZLEWOOD was one of the defining stars of the late ‘60s. Though he’s perhaps best known for his work with Nancy Sinatra (including writing mega-hit “These Boots Are Made For Walking”), Hazlewood did stunning work away from that particular glamour queen and found latter day champions in Beck, Sonic Youth, and Jarvis Cocker. Now, for Record Store Day 2012, LITA is kicking off their excavation of the Lee Hazlewood archives with this anthology, Singles, Nudes & Backsides, collecting the best of Lee’s solo songs and duets from his LHI (Lee Hazlewood Industries) imprint. As a true legend of the great American songbook and a rebellious pioneer who left behind a lengthy trail of echo laden pop masterpieces, Lee’s influence continues to reverberate today. Between 1968-71, Hazlewood not only released his finest solo work, but produced numerous artists on LHI. From acid-folk and country-rock to pop-psych and soul, LHI issued dozens of long forgotten 45s and LPs. This series will include material from LHI (re-mastered for the first time from the original analog tapes), along with Lee’s output for other labels, rarities, unreleased gems, and the films of Torbjörn Axelman. Includes cuts from essential albums like Cowboy In Sweden, duets with SUZI JANE HOKOM, ANN-MARGARET and NINA LIZELL, as well as the unreleased track “I Just Learned To Run.”

Lee Hazlewood: The LHI Years

Nobody Like You Lee Hazlewood 2'56''
I Just Learned To Run Lee Hazlewood 3'04''
Bye Babe Lee Hazlewood 3'38''
What's More I Don't Need Her Lee Hazlewood 3'36''
Come On Home To Me Lee Hazlewood 3'01''
Won't You Tell Your Dreams Lee Hazlewood 3'56''
If It's Monday Morning Lee Hazlewood 4'01''
Victims Of The Night Lee Hazlewood 2'38''
The Night Before Lee Hazlewood 3'18''
Leather And Lace Lee Hazlewood 3'07''
Chico Lee Hazlewood 2'41''
Trouble Maker Lee Hazlewood 2'31''
Califia (Stone Rider) Lee Hazlewood 2'47''
Sleep In The Grass Lee Hazlewood 3'21''
No Train To Stockholm Lee Hazlewood 2'22''
The Bed Lee Hazlewood 2'41''
Hey Cowboy Lee Hazlewood 3'21''

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