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Lefolk is audio/video artist Leif Folkvord of Grand Rapids, Michigan USA. Sven Swift (12rec) told me years ago to check his work out - at the time Leif had been doing some fabulously designed and unique sounding work which instantly caught me off-guard as it seemed to sit in a very different place to a lot of the scenes at the time. Intermitter is a very minimal work of melodic synth structures and crisp 4/4 beats with very subtle variations in between, both beautiful and ass-kicking in one fell swoop.

Lefolk: Intermitter

Glimpse Lefolk 1'50''
Suddenly, Through The Obscuration Lefolk 2'41''
Varia Lefolk 4'05''
Initial Lefolk 1'46''
Downpour Lefolk 5'31''
Center Of The Stone Lefolk 2'06''
Shrap Lefolk 59''
New Perimeter Melts Lefolk 4'05''
Weak Field Lefolk 1'55''
Twig Lefolk 3'56''
Develop Lefolk 2'36''
No One Will Ever Know Lefolk 6'31''
Intermitter Lefolk 3'13''

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