Leo J. Llennoc

Leo J. Llennoc

Shrimper SHR 192 MC
  • MC: Ltd. to 125 copies for Cassette Store Day 2017
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CASSETTE STORE DAY RELEASE 2017!!! Joel Connell (Man Is The Bastard, Refrigerator, Pilsbury Hardcore) has recorded his debut full length solo record consisting of eastern flights, outsider goth, archaic folk funk and more. Connell sings and plays all the instruments on this true DIY release. Limited edition of 125, cover art Dennis Callaci.

Leo J. Llennoc: Leo J. Llennoc

Sun Song Leo J. Llennoc
Holie Rollie Leo J. Llennoc
Left Leo J. Llennoc
Ducks On Lakes Leo J. Llennoc
It Avnted Jamaica Leo J. Llennoc
Tear I'm Drowning Leo J. Llennoc
Duty Judy Leo J. Llennoc
You Leo J. Llennoc

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