European Heartache

Gobstopper GOB018
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Mr. Mitch's Gobstopper Records starts 2016 with a new EP by Loom, that has already been labeled as 'Emo Grime'. Call it what you will, Loom has delivered one of the strongest release in the label catalogue (Grade EP), and the follow-up is going to be another landmark for the profilic Gobstopper label.

Self proclaiming his sound as "cold war grime", Daniel Timms aka Loom - according to Passion of the Weiss - "looks back to the square wave synths of the Eskimo era, but also the technology that shaped it: hissy cassette tapes, scratched up dub plates, dodgy pirate radio signals and early computer plugins". 'Grade', his debut EP for Gobstopper, was lauded by THUMP, Juno Plus, XLR8R, DJ Mag and The FADER. 'European Heartache' explores deeper into his spacious, romantic take on instrumental grime.

Loom: European Heartache

Ultraviolet Love Scene Loom
Fractured Light Loom
Dyed Black Hair Loom
Nylon Loom
Tracksuit Loom

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