Lord Raja

A Constant Moth

Ghostly International GI226CD
  • LP : Includes Download, LTD. BLUE VINYL!
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Welcome to the world of Lord RAJA, a strange, sometimes perilous alternate dimension with beauty and decay in equal measure. It's a world built on the beat-centric music which flows through New York native Chester Raj Anand's stream of consciousness; here, classic hip-hop is spliced into vintage IDM, ambient, footwork, and experimental sound design. Our latest dispatch from Lord RAJA's uncanny realm is the impulsive and unpredictable A Constant Moth LP, 12 hyper-detailed scenes ripped from the surreal mayhem at play in the mind of this talented young producer.

Lord Raja: A Constant Moth

Yelleo E Lord Raja
Van Go (Featuring Jeremiah Jae) Lord Raja
Pistol Refix Lord Raja
Darwin Lord Raja
TV Talk Lord Raja
Gottfried Semper Lord Raja
Skyre Lord Raja
Throw Them Out (System) Lord Raja
De Lia Lu Lu Lord Raja
Red Sun Lord Raja
Black Top Lord Raja
Golden Gravity Birds Lord Raja

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