Luca Nieri

Hummingbird / Milk & Honey

Wonderfulsound WSD034
  • 7”: Generic Sleeve
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A wonderful 7” from Luca Nieri released at the same time as his new mini album 'Luca Nieri'. The 7” contains one new album track (B Side - Milk and Honey) ans one track from his debut album 'Music From The Dark Branches' (A Side - Hummingbird).

An air of restless individuality has surrounded almost every step in the hermitic history of Wonderfulsound’s The Monks Kitchen (Luca Nieri's full band project) and their most industrious and versatile member, illustrator, tattooist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Luca Nieri is no exception.

A humble duo of songs fittingly recorded entirely at home, with Nieri playing every instrument. The soundscape exists in a cosmos, textured and beautifully melancholy.

Luca Nieri: Hummingbird / Milk & Honey

Hummingbird Luca Nieri
Milk & Honey Luca Nieri

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