Transmission Revarsavr

Opal Tapes OPAL065
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Lumisokea continue their exploration of rhythm technology and electro-acoustic experiments while paying tribute to the pioneering spirit of the visionary inventors and composers from the early 20th century from the former Soviet Union.

"Transmission from Revarsavr" presents a meticulously balanced aural web of polyrhythmic constructions, clashing and chiming copper plates, sub-zero bass shudders and glowing synths.

Combining their fondness of electro-acoustic experimentalism with traditional rhythm science from southern India and Korea, Lumisokea create a music in which the pulsating rhythms wind and coil unto themselves like a snake biting its own tail while metallic clangs and howling drones float in and out of focus.

The point of departure for "Transmissions from Revarsavr" was a recording Lumisokea made in early 2014 of Vladimir Popov's "Noise Instruments" - remarkable mechanical contraptions designed in the 1920's to imitate the sounds of the coming industrial era.

The album has been mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at D&M, features artwork by Darren Brian Adcock.

Lumisokea: Transmission Revarsavr

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