Handmade Birds HB-DIS054LP
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Cold is the first of any Lycia album to be issued on vinyl, archived on 180gram in polylined innersleeves. This edition of 600 (300 audiophile classic black, and 300 milky clear with brown haze) is the newest installment of the Handmade Birds Dark Icons Series, and comes with a digital download that includes the track "Antarctica" from the forthcoming new album entitled Quiet Moments (their first in over a decade).

“...another significant step forward in the trio's continuing sonic evolution. The general theme of the album, as the title indicates, focuses on the chillier side of desolation physical and emotional both, thus song titles like "Frozen," "Bare," "Colder," "December" and so forth. If it's a concept album, however, it's no more or less so than the band's previous records in the sense of creating and maintaining an all-encompassing mood. Definite highlights include the various duets between Vanportfleet and Vanflower, notably "Bare" and "Drifting," which rides on a gentle guitar chord and Vanflower's singing of the chorus at the end - quite nice to hear. Another perfect Lycia moment: the gentle start to "December," which then fades before returning on a portentous piano figure. Simply put, another fine record from Vanportfleet and company. 4/5” – All Music

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