MCMXCI (1991)

Skogen, Flickan Och Flaskan

Opal Tapes OPAL010LP
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Limited Edition of 500 copies! This is the first vinyl release on the much tipped Opal Tapes label!
Following on from his stunning ‘High-Tech High-Life’ and self-titled albums last year, 1991 returns under the MCMXCI mode for a raspin’ raw techno blast on ‘Skogen, Flickan Och Flaskan’ (‘Wine, Women, and Food’), the first vinyl release on the promising Opal Tapes imprint.
Sharing more in common with Jamal Moss at his maddest, Regis in full swing ‘circa ‘97 or Unit Moebius as we’d imagine them every day, the yung Swede bucks all expectations with five tracks of blistered machine drum jack, overdriven tae f**k and liable to take your eyebrows off. It’s funky as hell and noisy as sin and does it with so much more swerve, sexiness and off-the-cuff cool than so many boneheaded, funkless techno types we won’t care to mention. Basically it pushes all the right buttons and then ends with Huerco S’ lovely New Age reduction.

MCMXCI (1991): Skogen, Flickan Och Flaskan

Untitled 1. MCMXCI (1991)
Untitled 2. MCMXCI (1991)
Untitled 3. MCMXCI (1991)
Untitled 4. MCMXCI (1991)
Untitled 5. MCMXCI (1991)
Untitled 3 (Huerco S. New Age Reduction) MCMXCI (1991)

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