Marching Church

Coming Down: Sessions in April

Sacred Bones Records SBR152
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Marching Church, formerly an outlet for the mostly solo musical experiments of Elias Bender Rønnenfelt (Iceage, Vår), metamorphosed into a full band during the sessions for their 2014 LP, This World Is Not Enough. The installation of a permanent supporting cast of collaborators did nothing to tame the project’s wild spirit, and that record was an eclectic, eccentric mix of post-punk, improv, soul music, and more. With the Coming Down: Sessions in April 12", Marching Church reaches even further afield, backing an intensely personal A-side with a fully instrumental 21-minute free jazz odyssey.

“It’s an excerpt from a two-hour long improv session,” Rønnenfelt said of the track. “Which I guess was an attempt at playing jazz music, though no one involved had any experience playing jazz.”

Marching Church: Coming Down: Sessions in April

Coming Down Marching Church
Coming Down (Part II) Marching Church

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