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In January 2011 Mark was invited by Erik Wiegand (aka Errorsmith) to make some presets for his new software synthesizer which he was building for Native Instruments. After developing about 40 sounds*, Mark decided to rework his UL8 project by extending the pattern generating systems used in its construction, which he then connected to the sounds produced in Erik's synthesizer. The result is this double 12" single, featuring 9 tracks and a remix from Mark's friend and colleague Mat Steel.
The project ships with an A1 full colour poster. Recorded Rotherham (UK) and Sheffield (UK) March 2011. Mastered by Lupo at Dubplates and Mastering (DE) March 2011. 45rpm.

*unfortunately NI rejected all of Mark's presets and none were used for the final distribution.

Mark Fell: Manitutshu

Acids In The ... thin razor, attack noise hat, Linn Mark Fell 2'29''
Acids In The ... primes version Mark Fell 51''
Manitutshu (A New Algorithm) ... LatelyBass and NewElectro (A New Algorithm) Mark Fell 5'42''
Acids In The ... razor experiment Mark Fell 50''
Manitutshu... parameter set 2, Linn HI Tom, JazzOrg, vortex study performance overdub, and synthesis reminiscent of Duet Emmo Mark Fell 6'23''
Acids In The ...stochastic energy pause with thin razor, attack noise hat, Linn Mark Fell 1'47''
Manitutshu... First Algorithm Test Mark Fell 3'40''
Occultation ... razor simple acid pause version with lfo to cutoff Mark Fell 1'47''
Materialisation epic razor chord and LatelyBass version with found voice Mark Fell 3'26''
Occultation of... Mat Steel Extended Remix Mark Fell 14'56''

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