Mark Van Hoen

Where Is The Truth

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Where Is The Truth?
Recorded in London UK , Brooklyn, USA and finished in his recording studio in Woodstock, New York, this album is more than just a mere collection of tracks. A life changing discovery and enlightenment is expressed in this rich, dense and emotive album. Whilst working through the red tape involved in emigrating from the UK to the USA, he discovered quite by chance that his identity and childhood family life contained the dark secret of a covered up adoption. His life long sense of displacement started made sense and the cathartic voyage that ensued is explored in this album. More collaborative than his previous solo works, "Where Is The Truth" includes contributions from other musicians including Neil Halstead (Slowdive, Mojave 3) and Julia Frodahl, Edison Woods. Reliant not only on Mark's familiar brooding electronic tones, it features more electro-acoustic sounds than in previous releases. Interestingly, this album also consolidates many of the styles and sounds Mark has explored in previous albums, as a solo artist, collaborator and producer. Mahatma Ghandi once said "our life is a long and arduous quest after the truth" and never has that had more meaning than here."Where is the Truth" sees Mark Van Hoen entering a new phase.

Mark Van Hoen: Where Is The Truth

Put My Trust In You Mark Van Hoen 6'32''
Where Is The Truth Mark Van Hoen 4'11''
Yourself Mark Van Hoen 5'50''
She's Selda Mark Van Hoen 5'24''
1979 Mark Van Hoen 54''
Your Voice Mark Van Hoen 4'00''
I Need Silence Mark Van Hoen 5'42''
Render The Voice Mark Van Hoen 4'21''
Beautiful Mark Van Hoen 2'11''
Photophone Call Mark Van Hoen 2'59''
Soyuz A Mark Van Hoen 2'57''

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