Marsen Jules

Les Fleurs

City Centre Offices Towerblock CD 034
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If "Herbstlaub" represented the sound of frost shrouded autumn, then new album "Les Fleurs" sees Marsen Jules throwing open the windows and welcoming in the scent of spring. An intricately plotted series of ambient machinations, 2005's "Herbstlaub" was a record that delighted in technology without leaving the listener suffering from digital cold-shoulder - exchanging the often austere environs of sample-based compositions for a piquant study of lush crate-digging. If the summer is half as good as this musical spring, we're in for a scorcher...

Marsen Jules: Les Fleurs

Oeillet Sauvage Marsen Jules 6'13''
La Digitale Pourpre Marsen Jules 4'42''
Coeur Saignant Marsen Jules 4'33''
Datura Marsen Jules 6'24''
Anemone Marsen Jules 3'51''
Gueule De Loup Marsen Jules 6'13''
Coquelicot Marsen Jules 5'25''
Oeillet En Delta Marsen Jules 14'30''

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