Menace Ruin

Venus Armata

Sige Records SIGE 031 LP
  • 2LP: Ltd. to 500 copies, custom printed Stumptown LP jackets
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Menace Ruine’s S. De La Moth and Geneviève Beaulieu simply create idiosyncratic music from another world and another time, and the band’s latest album, Venus Armata, provides another mesmerising amalgamation of experimental and ambient sounds.

The mood on Venus Armata is set in stone by Beaulieu’s beautifully sibylline voice, around which layers of instrumentation alternate between scathing and shimmering tones. Waves of beguiling gothic noise arise on “Marriage In Death”. Neo-folk runs through “Red Sulphur”. Hammer Horror avant-electronics underscore “Venus Armata”. Industrial shadings darken “Soften Our Evil Hearts”. And poignant olde world folk collides with melancholic metal on “Torture Of Fire”.

....even though Venus Armata’s unorthodoxy marks Menace Ruine as band that has proved to be immensely gratifying for fans of abstruse and experimental sound, there’s music here that could potentially appeal to a wider audience. You only need listen to “Belly Of The Closed House”, where eerie neo-classical sounds are chewed up by skin-crawling yet simultaneously enchanting noise, to appreciate that Menace Ruine are capable of mining a lot of alluring beauty from the very darkest corners of the soul.

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