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A new LP by the great MICHAEL HURLEY! Michael is one of the world finest and most prolific songwriters—nd he's still cranking out hits. The well is far from dry. This LP features home recordings with Michael on guitar, banjo and organ. Sublime and sometimes a little strange—a new classic for the ages. Songs include the "Kentucky 3"—a beautiful instrumental medley of songs evocative of Kentucky, "Charona"—a great banjo ballad, "Tender is the Guitar"—a mournful organ driven ballad, "Boone and Jocko"—a longstanding favorite epic from Michael's live sets on record at last, "Cuckoo Rock" and "Lo Bonney"—two unique rewordings of traditional ballads, "Dragging the Indian"—a stark instrumental, and much more. Cover art by Michael himself.

Michael Hurley: Bad Mr. Mike

Kentucky 3 Michael Hurley
Charona Michael Hurley
Tender Is The Guitar Michael Hurley
Beasley's Release Michael Hurley
Boone & Jocko Michael Hurley
Cuckoo Rock Michael Hurley
Lo Bonney Michael Hurley
The Moon Song Michael Hurley
Moonman Newfie Michael Hurley
Dragging The Indian Michael Hurley

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