Mika Vainio

Life (...It Eats You Up)

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Whereas previous works by Mika Vainio have utilized guitar Life (… It Eats You Up) is the first to use the nstrument as its primary sound source. A fascinating, sometimes disturbing and deeply personal work this new 10 track set bears all the hallmarks (exacting attention to detail of tone, rhythm and texture) of Vainio's previous works with some stunning surprises, such as his cover version of The Stooges' 'Open Up And Bleed'.Tracks such as ‘Mining’ hark bark to the banging beat excesses of Pan sonic, with ‘Crashed’ and ‘And Give Us Our Daily Humiliation’ and the opening ‘In Silence A Scream Takes A Heart’ reveal a new intensity to Vainio’s work and is yet another superb addition to his already brilliant catalogue. All tracks written by Mika Vainio, except Open Up And Bleed by Iggy Pop / James Williamson.

Mika Vainio: Life (...It Eats You Up)

In Silence A Scream Takes A Heart Mika Vainio 13'12''
Throat Mika Vainio 2'30''
Mining Mika Vainio 5'18''
Napoleon Mika Vainio 1'38''
Open Up And Bleed Mika Vainio 8'50''
Crashed Mika Vainio 6'10''
And Give Us Our Daily Humiliation Mika Vainio 5'24''
Cage Mika Vainio 1'20''
Conquering The Solitude Mika Vainio 5'04''
A Ravenous Edge Mika Vainio 8'59''

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