In Mesopotamia / J. D. Slazenger's Edition

Heavy Sheet Gomma 030 CD
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Gomma Records released this version of Mocky's debut album in 2003. The album had been previously released on Mocky's own Mocky Recordings and Sadeira Records in Japan.

The album features Mocky's hit "Sweet Music" as well as "Heavy Shit" (featuring Peaches and Gonzales) and the Mocky classiscs "Munky C Munky Do", "Soul Control" or "Watchin Over You".

Mocky: In Mesopotamia / J. D. Slazenger's Edition

Free Kanzi (Intro) Mocky 50''
Shake Yer Ass Mocky 2'22''
Sweet Music Mocky 4'04''
Munky _C_ Munky Do Mocky 2'52''
J.D.'s Theme Mocky 3'15''
Watchin' Over You Mocky 3'56''
You're Not Crazy Mocky 2'54''
Heavy Shit (featuring Peaches and Gonzales) Mocky 3'17''
Str8 - up Mocky 1'31''
We Got The Vibe Mocky 4'12''
WOP-WOP Mocky 3'13''
Gino Cummin Thru Mocky 3'23''
Interlude __ japanese ginos Mocky 1'03''
Let Me Show Ya Mocky 2'09''
All Alone Mocky 2'39''
Show Me That You're Mine Mocky 3'48''

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