Every Country's Sun

Rock Action Records ROCKACT108CD
  • 2LP: Includes download, 180 gr black vinyl
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Every Country's Sun is the ninth album from Mogwai. Recorded with Dave Fridmann (known for his work with Mercury Rev and The Flaming Lips and with whom the group previously worked with on Come On Die Young and ROCK ACTION).

Arriving at a time when the group are increasingly active, Every Country's Sun follows on from their collaboration with NIN's Trent Reznor on the waterlogged soundtrack to Before The Flood. This new album finds the duo returning to the sound of early classics such as Come On Die Young and Mr Beast, armed with a new spate of influences and sonic studio wizardry.

The album's stunning first single 'Coolverine' gives the first glimpse into the current workings of the group, the tightly wound post-rock dynamics are all present, yet they are certified with a newly found melancholic melodic flow that is sure to capture and hold all that tread into its wake.

Every Country's Sun is an album that builds on the group's past achievements while setting itself out to be cemented as possibly the crowning glory within the post-rock legends' sprawling discography.

Mogwai: Every Country's Sun

Coolverine Mogwai
Party In The Dark Mogwai
Brain Sweeties Mogwai
Crossing The Road Material Mogwai
aka 47 Mogwai
20 Size Mogwai
1000 Foot Face Mogwai
Don't Believe The Fife Mogwai
Battered At A Scramble Mogwai
Old Poisons Mogwai
Every Country's Sun Mogwai

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