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The title Shelter describes the listener's perception and subsequent emotional response to a collection of sounds and motifs. If Moiré's past releases provided fragments of his overall concept, Shelter highlights his vision in its entirety, bringing themes from his earlier productions together with newer elements to form a complete concept. It finds Moiré experimenting outside traditional patterns to create something unexpected and raw, dynamic yet immediate, inciting us to engage in the experience both on a musical and physical level.

Perceptual experience does not necessarily confirm individual sounds, as much as 'Moiré?does not appear when looking at individual lines. It's really about the combination and interaction of the minutiae that make the whole the sum of the parts. What is important is how we perceive the resulting effect in the grey area or 'twilight zone' materialising in the overlap between the lines or sounds in this case.

Immersion into Shelter creates a parallel situation between artist and listener, with one exploring the confines of his medium and the other interpreting the output, essentially resulting in an intensive and introspective experience. Simply put, Moiré is creating something personal and honest, and inviting others to get lost in the patterns.

Moiré: Shelter

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