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Anna Logue Records collaborates with Medical Records across the pond in the US to present the long out of print Neue Deutsche Welle cult classic album "Weltweit" by MONOPOL.

Released in 1982, "Weltweit" was the sole output of the band. It has appropriately become quite rare and difficult to find with the resulting high prices to obtain an original copy. Inspired by the greats such as Kraftwerk, YMO and Klaus Schulze, the three members crafted an exquisite collection of electronic pop songs played on a very impressive collection of analog synthesizers (Arp Odyssey, Korg MS series, MiniMoog, PolyMoog, Moog Modular System 55, PPG 360, some Rolands, and Doepfer sequencer), self-builds and drum machines (Roland TR-808) that were considered cutting edge at the time. The band would have recorded a second album but split up before that was possible. Members of the band continued to be involved in the music industry at least peripherally but didn’t participate in further collaborations or bands. Also interestingly, MONOPOL was basically a studio-only project and actually never played live (despite some TV appearances).

Definitely a must-have for fans of NDW such as Bal Paré, Grauzone, Piefke & Pafke, Rheingold, Stahlnetz, Ti-Tho and the like.

Monopol: Weltweit

Reich Sein Monopol
Anarchie Monopol
Gib Liebe Her Monopol
TV Monopol
Weisses Haus Monopol
Sag, Wer Ich Bin Monopol
City-Nacht Monopol
Elektrischer Stuhl Monopol
Lass Mich Los Monopol
Was Soll Ich Tun Monopol

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