Monotonprodukt 07 (Picture Disc)

Desire Records DSR034PIC
  • 2LP : Picture Disc!
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Originally released in a limited edition of 500 copies in 1982 it is now a collector item. It is now reissued for the first time on vinyl in its original gatefold double 12" version. This reissue has been New pressing: 500 copies - double picture disc - heavy duty PVC gatefold sleeve with sticker "... is so alive with the pulses that triggered many Electronicas to come, from Techno through Trance to Mego's creeping static, you could make a case for Becker's guruhood. Yet, for all its prescient washed out tones, threadbare textures and Minimalist rigour, it has the edge on much that followed. Adopting an imperious art stance towards mainstreams and margins alike, Becker cast a cold analytic eye over Electronica's urfathers, picking up on Suicide's jittertronic urgency, if not their melodrama, and DAF's throbbing sequencers, but with the sex threat removed, which he patched into his own crackling circuits, hissing vistas and tumbling beatstreams." - The Wire, #175, sept. 1998 in 100 records that set the world on fire (when no one was listening)

Monoton was founded in 1979 by hypermedia wizard Konrad Becker as an art project that underwent various transformations and collaborations in its exploration of psycho-active sound. A pioneer in experimental electronic music, Becker continued to break new ground in electronic media. In 1994 he co-founded the Institute for New Culture Technologies/ t0, and became Director of Public Netbase, a legendary center for digital communication culture. An initiator of WorldInformation.Org, a cultural intelligence provider, he continues to be active asartist, researcher, writer, interdisciplinary event designer, organizer and producer. Recent conceptual ventures include the Global-Security-Alliance.Com project.

Monoton: Monotonprodukt 07 (Picture Disc)

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