Let Them Eat Cake

Stickman Records Psychobabble023LP
  • LP : Bubblegum Pink Marbled 180gr Vinyl, incl. printed Inner Sleeve
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Let Them Eat Cake is the eighth full-length studio album by the Norwegian rock-band Motorpsycho. Released early in 2000, the album showed the band taking steps in a new direction, leaning more towards jazz and psychedelia than the heavy indie rock guitars the band was famous for.

Motorpsycho: Let Them Eat Cake

The Other Fool Motorpsycho
Upstairs-Downstairs Motorpsycho
Big Surprise Motorpsycho
Walking With J. Motorpsycho
Never Let You Out Motorpsycho
Whip That Ghost Motorpsycho
Stained Glass Motorpsycho
My Best Friend Motorpsycho
30 30 Motorpsycho

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