Planet Mu ZIQ359
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µ-Ziq's new EP is a thing of joy and hazy childhood memories. The music of the future as it felt in the early eighties, filtered through the rhythmic shapes of more modern dance music innovations.

From the twinkling breakbeat 'artcore' of opener 'Taxi Sadness' to the early '80s kids children theme via dubstep of 'Rimmy'. 'PRG' is beatless, full of gentle whispy coiling melodies through a distorted lens.

'Blem' mixes trappy snares and twilight atmosphere with big melodic brushstrokes that remind one of John Foxx. 'Smeester's gentle metallic melodies give way to a menacing hip hop style bass and drums, and chords that drift and decay. Closer 'Tambor' rolls slowly on metallic percussion, a sad melodic figure that repeats into despair, finishing the EP.

Mu-Ziq: Rediffusion

Taxi Sadness Mu-Ziq
Rimmy Mu-Ziq
PRG Mu-Ziq
Blem Mu-Ziq
Smeester Mu-Ziq
Tambor Mu-Ziq

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