Martes + Utopia

Leaf Label BAY023LPX
  • 3LP+CD : Limited-Edition Vinyl Re-Issue
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There is no immediately apparent unifying sound to The Leaf Label. The imprint has a magnetic attraction to artists operating on the fringes, to startling hybrids and mercurial fusions. One finds Leaf in the places where electronic music, classical, jazz, pop, folk and rock meet—the places where the sparks are flying.

In recognition of 20 years of loyal service to releasing beautiful noise, Leaf is reissuing ten landmark albums in limited editions. Most of the selected works have been out of print on vinyl for many years, and the choices have been driven in part via an online poll. They are spread across the years and begin to reflect the length, breadth and consistent quality of the label’s output in that time.

Of particular interest is the reissue of Murcof’s 2002 masterpiece Martes. Across three discs, it’s resequenced with the original tracks from the subsequent Utopía CD, plus three rarities from the Martes era, in new, updated artwork.

Murcof: Martes + Utopia

Memoria Murcof
Marmol Murcof
Momento Murcof
Maiz Murcof
MO Murcof
Mes Murcof
Mir Murcof
Mapa Murcof
Minda Murcof
Muim Murcof
MFRelay Murcof
Unison Murcof
Ulysses Murcof
Una Murcof
Urano Murcof
Ultimatum Murcof

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