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Interlude in three movements, where analog explorations and bare piano notes meet the open and canonical forms of minimalism, EP02 completes Statea's collection with new interpretations of Philip Glass, Morton Feldman and Arvo Pärt pieces. This third album follows Statea album by Murcof & Vanessa Wagner released in September 2016 and EP01 released a few months earlier, which introduced the project. EP02 brings together three unpublished plays whose narrations are so complementary that they seem to merge into one and only same cosmic strolling range.

The opening on ‘Metamorphosis 4’ of Philip Glass is carried by a frantic race where synthesizers loops are carried away to the piano, without ever leaving the listener out of breath. The alternative version of ‘Piano Piece 1952’ by Morton Feldman draws intriguing soundscapes, to gently tilt towards a fascinating auditory hallucination. Finally, Arvo Pärt’s ‘Spiegel Im Spiegel’, which closes the EP, exposes a celestial grace where Vanessa Wagner’s aerial touch offers Murcof’s ethereal layers in a discussion without disagreement.

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