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GOD 69 is a global collective with roots in Chicago and Berlin. Having retreated from the city life of Germany's capital, MYSTER_EEZ was conceived in the rural corners of the Far East fuelled by the mythological landscapes of Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. MYSTER_EEZ presents hypnogogic house-noir, where the investigations of disembodied secret agents give chase to archetypal forces through the dark alleys of a metaphysical backdrop.

For their first release, AMALTHEA, the collective drops deep, sublime, big room bangers where serpents fight over hi-hats and deep stomping kicks. Brooding and impactful themes of ancient ruins and out-of-body experiences narrate a landscape that catapults the listener through the whodunit.

Myster Eez / God69: Amalthea

DEEP STATE {THE AWAKENING} Myster Eez / God69 12'43''
CLAW [PSF] - DEEP STATE _ LAZY DEEP MIX Myster Eez / God69 5'26''
QIAO QIAO Myster Eez / God69 8'55''
CTHONC RLM Myster Eez / God69 9'56''
CHOIAK 108 TYBI 108 HEKHALOT Myster Eez / God69 11'46''
Amalthea Myster Eez / God69 4'09''
MYST_ EEZ ER IN Myster Eez / God69 1'24''