Rock Solid Goldmine - EP

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Second of the new releases from Hobby Industries and the subtitled Oh Boy! series A new batch of local Danish producers has caught our ears these last two-three years.These are producers to whom we are sharing the same inspirations of future and present bass and twisted beats. In other words, we feel comfortable with their take on electronic sounds in 2010 and fwd. Just as many other labels and producers, Hobby Industries has also fallen for the ever expanding UK bass sounds and hip hop influenced wonky ideas. We have mixed it up with the simple and melodic Scandinavian Hobby touch. However, it should be audible that the Oh Boy! inspiration comes from places like London, Glasgow, Amsterdam and LA, yet has been filtered through a bottle of Carlsberg. Bass Kller Music.Nabo is the alias used by 20 years old Uffe Christensen.

Nabo: Rock Solid Goldmine - EP

Intro (Brain) Nabo 28''
Neigh Nabo 3'26''
Parkinlot Pimpin Nabo 3'09''
Rock Solid Nabo 2'11''
Neigh (Clouds Remix) Nabo 6'56''
Topic Factory (Digital Bonus) Nabo 2'46''
4 Minutes (Digital Bonus) Nabo 2'02''
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