Nadine Byrne

A Different Gesture (Collected Soundtracks 2011-2012)

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A Different Gesture (Collected Soundtracks 2011-2012)" presents soundtracks to four films by the Swedish visual- and sound artist Nadine Byrne. This album consist of four beautiful, esoteric, ambient pieces composed especially for these films. In 2011, together with her sister Tanya Byrne as ECTOPLASM GIRLS, she blessed us with one of that year's strongest albums. Deep, occult, drone pop with industrial influences. Chris Carter loved it. The Wire Magazine loved it too and ranked it as one of the album's of the year. Nadine Byrne released a 7" on iDEAL in 2010 as THE MAGIC STATE but this is her first record under her own name. And it is a truly deep trip.

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