Nicholas Desamory

You Only Need To Know How It Feels To Believe

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Telebossa’s Nicholas Bussmann is once again, after 2012’s "Like You", transforming into Nicholas Desamory to release “You only need to know how it feels to believe” – a House album of such warmth and rough elegance, it will leave the scene all excited. House has always been an open genre, allowing to sample, adapt and incorporate other styles. On “You only need to know how it feels to believe”, it’s the reduced string and vocal arrangements that lead to this album’s specific sound – the warmth – and evoke at the same time the great Norman Whitfield and the infamous Arthur Russell. This is how House music has to be in 2016!

In recent years, Nicholas Bussmann has brought manifold works into being. His latest releases include two cooperational albums with Chico Mello: Telebossa – a mélange of Brazilian songwriting, precise electronics and minimal music, receiving rave reviews and gaining nominations for many rankings of the year. In addition, together with drummer Martin Brandlmayer (Radian) Nicholas Bussmann released two complementary electro-acoustic albums: Kapital Band 1 “2 CD” and “Playing by Numbers” and in 2010, he brought to stage a concept for a modernized opera with Barnes Dance.

Nicholas Desamory: You Only Need To Know How It Feels To Believe

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