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Bridges are remarkable objects.

The drawings collected in this book are based upon the 34 crossings of the Thames.

With structure and song they cross the river.

Self published
First edition
148.5mm X 210mm

£1 from each book sold will be donated to the charity work taking place in the village Lukulu in Zambia.

Nigel Peake draws and makes things every day from his home in Ireland, that is a few miles from the sea. He is the author of the illustrated essays that include "In the Wilds, Sheds, Maps, Bridges, Birds, Strom, Ghost Houses, Wrecks and Ruin.... His work has been exhibited in various cities that include Edinburgh, Antwerp, Shanghai, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Linz and New York. His best day includes drawing, a bike ride, buying and listening to records, listening to the cricket on the radio, a trip to the sea and drinking coffee.

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