Night Moves

Pennied Days

Domino WIGLP332X
  • LP+10" : Includes Download, incl. 10inch with 3 bonus tracks
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"Night Moves’ first album, Colored Emotions, was pegged by Harley Brown of Pitchfork as “a psychedelic country gem.” What sets Pennied Days apart from Colored Emotions is the lack of any ounce of country influence.

Night Moves ultimately are a pop band. I’ve heard this record before: poppy, upbeat tracks with powerful vocals. Pelant’s voice has its own flair and character. What makes pop music so intoxicating is its ability to take hold of you. Upon first hearing many a pop song, one might stick out their tongue in distaste and have no desire to ever hear the song again. But then something strange happens, and on the second, third or even fourth listen, you catch yourself humming along with the lyrics—or worse, the lyrics are stuck in your head and you find yourself singing them all day long at work, while simultaneously swaying your hips to whatever god-awful song you were once rolling your eyes to.

Night Moves have sunk their claws into me through Pennied Days, and I don’t think I can turn back. I’m tapping my heels to every hook, I’m desperately trying to sing along to every chorus and my neck moves in patterned circles to every bang on the keyboard. It’s real with you, Night Moves, and I’m slightly addicted." Slug Mag

Night Moves: Pennied Days

Carl Sagan Night Moves
Denise Don't Wanna See You Cry Night Moves
Leave Your Light On Night Moves
Border On Border Night Moves
Kind Luck Night Moves
Hiding In The Melody Night Moves
Staurolite Stroll Night Moves
Alabama Night Moves
Only To Live In Your Memories Night Moves

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