Norma Lyon

The Music Of Norma Lyon

Little Axe LA012
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A collection of 16 pieces privately released by NORMA LYON in the late 1960s. All are original compositions for piano and organ. Dark, moody and dramatic, each of these “sketches” was inspired by a place Ms. Lyon has lived. The tone of the record is set by its fantastic titles, including “Flight of the Spirit Geese,” “Phantom Cathedral of the Sea” and “Dirge of the Sea Gods.” The first side, “Dune Sketches,” is based on a period when she lived amidst the dunes in southwest Oregon. The second side, “Sea Sketches,” is drawn from the time she spent living with her twin sister overlooking the ocean in Coos Bay.

Norma Lyon: The Music Of Norma Lyon

Night By A Waterfall Norma Lyon
Romance Of Spirit Lake Norma Lyon
Reflections By A Pool Norma Lyon
Moon Beyond The Mist Norma Lyon
Flight Of The Spirit Geese Norma Lyon
While Lupin Norma Lyon
Call Of The Night Bird Norma Lyon
Beyond The Dunes-The Sea Norma Lyon
Prelude To The Sea Norma Lyon
Sea Fog Norma Lyon
Fantasy Of The Winds Norma Lyon
Gently Falls The Snow Upon The Bluffs Norma Lyon
Panthom Cathedral Of The Sea Norma Lyon
Blue Grotto Norma Lyon
Dirge Of The Sea Gods Norma Lyon
Cloud Fancies At Evening Norma Lyon

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