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An intriguing, anonymous group of new york / berlin based musicians fronted by their strikingly beautiful, chameleon like bandmate who acts as the face of notic nastic. together, they deliver their unique sound and “it´s dark but it´s okay“ energy with a fierce yet almost alien sensuality. hard hitting, finely crafted beats, combined with at once soft, yet profoundly passionate lyrics and voice.
as a group, they embody as in their songs, spirit of cooperation and following the heart without fear, blatantly summing it up on the second track, with their anti-sellout anthem, “lluminati bitch“. after receiving much critical acclaim throughout europe with their last album and energetic live shows, notic nastic‘s clear voice and message inspires people to be aware, to take action and to go “FULLSCREEN“.
momentum is strong and notic nastic are propelling into 2011 with FULLSCREEN the fierce follow up to their debut release (it‘s dark but it‘s ok). drawing influence from the two vibrant cities they represent, new york and their current base berlin, this band are not afraid to speak up and they intend to be heard. chameleon like in nature notic nastic do not fit into any general mold.
where many artists today call for liberation of the ego and celebration of the individual, notic nastic encourage freedom of thought and collectivity. FULLSCREEN is playful but contains a potent and positive message. that message is for people to wake up to the forces that manipulate our choices in this world. to no longer be sedate and inactive but to make informed decisions about who and what they support. fearless and loud, notic nastic want people to know that they refuse to be anyone‘s illuminati bitch! [second song on the album]
their distinctive sound combines hard hitting electro beats with passionate lyrical content that has fight. spoken and whispered word on the album is distorted and sped up to produce freakishly penetrating vocals. the opening track cyanide is a revelation, fearless and honest. the fast paced twisted industrial sounds are matched with the story telling of an awakening, of breaking free of constraints. infectiously upbeat FULLSCREEN is sure to make you lose yourself in the best possible way.
having received much critical acclaim throughout europe with the previous album, notic nastic will tour again bringing the energetic live shows they are both recognised and celebrated for. evolving from early masked dark disco performances the band have chosen to reveal more of who they truly are in order to connect with their audience. it was an attempt through obscuring their identities to divert focus from the‚ “artist ego“ but became a battle in avoiding that over baked band cliche.
empowering, this album calls for people to take notice, to learn and to take action. to open up your eyes and put your money where your heart is. to no longer be afraid. this is the age of information and the truth will set you free. GO FULLSCREEN!

Notic Nastic: Fullscreen

Cyanide Notic Nastic 5'44''
Illuminati Bitch Notic Nastic 4'21''
I Don't Wanna Do It Right Notic Nastic 3'58''
Both Eyes Open Notic Nastic 4'20''
Eye On You Notic Nastic 4'32''
Witch Notic Nastic 3'44''
Clicker Control Notic Nastic 4'18''
Good Luck Ghost Notic Nastic 3'15''
Higher Higher Notic Nastic 3'46''
Sunset Boys Notic Nastic 5'05''
Watch Dogs Notic Nastic 3'19''
Creepy Baby Notic Nastic 2'04''

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