Octopus Project

Fever Forms

Peek-A-Boo BOO 1221 CD
  • LP: golden vinyl version.
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Austin’s favorite experimental pop band The Octopus Project returns with their fifth studio album, Fever Forms.
While its immediate predecessor, 2010’s Hexadecagon, was celebrated for its epic scope, cosmic departure and conceptual nature, Fever Forms is more akin to the band’s best-selling Hello, Avalanche LP, with concentrated doses of frenetic beats and exuberant melody set in a brilliantly colored sound world. These twelve dense, ecstatic pop jams will astound and disorient.
The single Sharpteeth, a limited-edition 7-inch pressed on florescent pink vinyl, drops two weeks before the album. But proceed with caution: As tempting as it may be to keep “Sharpteeth” on repeat, the soaring guitorchestra and haunting Theremin lead has been known to reduce some listeners to puddles of tears around the 250th consecutive listen. The single also features two exclusive non-album B-sides.
The Octopus Project has released joyous party music since 2002, all the while touring the world both on their own and as handpicked support for artists as diverse as Aesop Rock, DEVO, Explosions in the Sky and Trail of Dead. They’ve earned a reputation for crafting exceptional experiences through elaborate multimedia experiments, lavish album packaging, and the intensity of their extremely fun, extremely loud live shows.
The album was mixed in collaboration with the mighty Erik Wofford (Black Angels, M. Ward, Maserati).

Octopus Project: Fever Forms

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