Digital Botanics / Construct Conduct

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Deeply idiosyncratic, Odeko's sound references a variety of themes without ever feeling bound by any and on 'Digital Botanics', he takes this bright, one-of-a-kind sound design to new heights.

Subtle trap patterns provide the foil for gloopy, toy-like melodies to glide over the top, spiked by short bursts of growling, industrial noise.

On 'Construct Conduct', Odeko offers his take on euphoric, 80s-inspired synth music - only prepped for the future - with pulsating, heady grooves and spiralling, acid-y melodies nodding to a growing reputation that he is quietly becoming one of the UK's most exciting young sound designers.

Odeko: Digital Botanics / Construct Conduct

Construct Conduct Odeko
Digital Botanics Odeko

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