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As a sort of pantheist, or at least an artist who finds great stories hiding in the vast visual subtleties of nature - Subtle Trees is a classical music collage as much as it is an homage to classical music. It's core is created through sounds gathered in the owl hours by sampling ancient instruments whose cores were derived from the trees of nature. These sounds were layered like lichen on an ancient pantheistic sculpture.
One of the adventures with listening to music is attempting to peruse the potential meanings within it. Sometimes there might appear to be a drama that twirls concept and story while other times the meaning may liken to a leaf that's fallen from heaven with abstract intent. Likewise, Subtle Trees rests between two spaces of concept and simple campfire tale. Either way you approach your attempt at defining the lines that run between these tracks, close your eyes and choose your own adventure.

Offthesky: Subtle Trees

Enter Off Color Tear OffTheSky 5'11''
Swallow Shallow OffTheSky 11'07''
Gemutcycle OffTheSky 9'42''
Tight Phase Of Pollen Inertia OffTheSky 4'40''
Resting Grass OffTheSky 2'56''
Slow Pulse Of Epochal Light OffTheSky 6'42''
Symphony For Exiting Entropies OffTheSky 8'46''

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