Old Man Gloom

The Ape Of God II

Sige Records SIGE 034 LP
  • LP: Edition of 2000 copies, Custom letterpress jackets, incl. oversized LP insert and poster
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The latest work from one of the most inventive and influential bands in the post-hardcore / post-metal / experimental scene, presented as two separate albums, each with its own unique set of songs!

Formed in the late ’90s in the wasteland desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico, by Aaron Turner (Isis, Mamiffer) and drummer Santos Montano, Old Man Gloom began as a simple side project and evolved into something of grandeur. Their Meditations In B debut was just a glimpse into the noisier and more experimental side of Turner’s imagination, and shortly after its release, Nate Newton of Converge and Caleb Scofield of Cave In joined. Filling out this unique sonic behemoth was Luke Scarola on electronics, with Kurt Ballou of Converge serving as the band’s longtime control desk engineering commander. The ensemble’s Seminar II and Seminar III set a new precedent in experimental post-hardcore music, and their 2004 album Christmas was another milestone in the genre. An extended period of inactivity followed, with the members focusing on their respective main projects.

In 2012, after eight years of silence, Turner, Montano, Newton and Scofield secretly resurrected Old Man Gloom and out of nowhere released No to an unsuspecting audience. Not the result of a one-off reunion, the album lead to a series of sold-out live shows and the band immediately began planning and penning a massive new work. Now, in conspiracy with Profound Lore Records, Old Man Gloom presents The Ape of God. Delivering some of the mightiest and most epic material the group has conjured, it will stand as a highlight in their singular repertoire. In the true fashion of one of heavy music’s most intriguing acts, The Ape of God balances colossal heaviness, experimental / ambient noise and a unique aesthetic presentation.

Complete Tracklisting:

Old Man Gloom: The Ape Of God II

Burden Old Man Gloom
Predators Old Man Gloom
A Hideous Nightmare Lie Upon The World Old Man Gloom
Arrows To Our Hearts Old Man Gloom

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