Strange Beauty

Demdike Stare DDS017LP
  • 2LP: Gold Vinyl REPRESS
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Never releases lost’ post-punk recordings (1979-1983) from the mysterious Orior.

DDS keep everyone on their toes with Orior’s previously unheard and revelatory batch of bleak and brooding post-punk experiments, recorded in London and recently salvaged from some attic.

Orior’s sole 7” release, the Elevation EP (1979) for the obscure Crystal Groove label.

The material is indeed special, in some respects typical of the era - lots of experimental drum machine experiments and so on, but also posessesd of a totally unexpected character: there are moments that recall the dense atmospheric pieces of Angelo Badalamenti, others that evoke classic Vangelis, or indeed the eerie soundscapes of Leyland Kirby. There are passages that bring to mind Bruce Gilbert’s Dome project, and parallels can be drawn with the Fourth World ambience of Jon Hassel and Brian Eno, as well as early Coil.

Orior: Strange Beauty

Larbico Orior
Hollow V2 Orior
Earth Rhythm Orior
Hollow V3 Orior
Dust Glow Orior
The Other Side Orior
Call Orior
EOS Orior
Hollow V1 Orior
From View Orior
Particle Orior
MA Orior

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